Arborists are trained in the complete life-cycle of trees, and are usually called upon to plant and care for living trees. We specialize in dealing with trees that are no longer viable and need to be removed. Please call 778-839-2122 with any questions or to arrange for a quote.

Stump Grinding

When appropriate, stump grinding is the most efficient way to restore a flat surface in your yard. If there are no protruding roots and you don’t want to plant anything else in the same area, grinding is a cost-effective option. In this process, the part of the stump six to twelve inches below the surface is removed. You can then fill the hole with soil. The remaining stump and roots will eventually decay.

Stump Removal

Complete removal of a tree stump and the roots that are bulging through the surface is a much more extensive procedure, but also has a number of benefits. First, once backfilled, the entire area can be used for whatever you’d like. You can build on it, plant other trees, or create a garden. Second, because there is nothing left to decay, you don’t have to worry about pests. Third, since the decaying wood is gone, with proper backfilling, the surface will remain smooth and level. Complete removal is a relatively immediate and permanent solution.

Tree Removal

Unwanted trees are much easier to remove when they are young and small. Trees that you don’t want anymore or that have rooted and grown on their own, should be removed as soon as possible to avoid damage to the surrounding area, and more costly and extensive effort. 

Cedar Hedge Removal

Cedar hedges require frequent watering to remain healthy. Susceptible to drought, the leaves, branches, and even entire individual plants can die and turn brown. If you hedge has become unsightly or you want to replace it with a fence or other plants, it is important to remove the entire hedge and root system.

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