About Us

West Valley Stump Removal

…is owned and operated by Greg Hankinson. Greg is a resident of Chilliwack, BC, and serves clients in the Fraser Valley and throughout the Lower Mainland. Their testimonials are evidence of Greg’s knowledge, skill, and professionalism. For safety and your peace of mind, Greg always contacts BC 1 Call to locate any underground utilities before starting a project. He consults with a Certified Arborist before falling large trees, and Greg is fully insured for any liability. If you have any questions about Greg or his services, he’d be happy to speak to you. You can call Greg at 778-839-2122.

Our Purpose

We exist to answer the need for professional stump removal services in Western Canada. We believe in customer service, and in the value of every customer’s time. Our online pricing model allows our clients to understand the value of our service before they call while our full service model allows one-stop shopping for the customer that wants to renew their property with a reliable professional.

Our Equipment

We use the most powerful modern equipment available. Our equipment allows us to offer consistent pricing, and rapid on-site services. Our commitment to renewing the environment extends to both our transport vehicles and our stump grinding equipment.

Our Service

When you think of Four Seasons, Disney, and WestJet you likely can form an opinion on their customer service standards. We want Stump Express to be added to your list of companies that provide remarkable customer service.

If you’d like more information about our services, please call 778-839-2122.